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Animation, motion graphics, interactives and video production

We are skilled in various media arts, including 3D renderings, flyover illustrations, storyboards, animation, cinematography, audio editing, video editing, songwriting, film scoring and post production. Tools include Blackmagic Production Camera, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Blender.

Go to Schletty Sound at www.schlettysound.com for voice talent: narration, singing, voiceovers and song collaboration.

Go to Dan Schletty, 3D Animator, at www.danschletty.com for more 3D motion graphics samples. Dan is a graduate of The Art Institutes International Minnesota.

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Interactive splash screen by Richard Schletty for The Cramer Institute. Timeline-based HTML animation created with Tumult Hype.

Interactive map by Richard Schletty for NationFresh. Select a tomato to see location and contact info. Created with Tumult Hype. Responsive scaling enabled with HP5 Content plugin (WordPress).

Interactive 3D Model of a sensor by Dan Schletty. Created in Blender. Exported for web interactive display to glTF format using Verge3D. Use mouse or finger to interact with sensor.

Interactive map by Richard Schletty for ClickAndGo Wayfinding. Click on a cell phone image to hear wayfinding directions. Created with Tumult Hype. Responsive scaling enabled with HP5 Content plugin (WordPress).



3D rendering of pneumatic supply and demand systems by Dan Schletty and Rich Schletty for John Henry Foster, Inc.

Animation by Dan Schletty. Created with Maya.

The Mill: Architectural visualization model created in Maya by Dan Schletty.

Ntangl Education video. Videography, graphic design and post production by Richard Schletty.

SongCasters is a TV program sponsored by the Minnesota Association of Songwriters. The 28:30 show features its songwriting members performing their own original music. SongCasters is broadcast on community TV stations across the Midwest and beyond. More info at www.songcasters.org. Filmed at CTV North Suburbs. Post production by Richard Schletty, Daniel Schletty and Jeff Holman.

Time-lapse videography with a GoPro camera. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Valleyfair Job Fair 30-second TV spot for TV and web streaming. Music by David Gomez Sanz. Voice talent: Richard Schletty.

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